Don't Waste The Recession!


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Every recession has a benefit. Do not waste the next recession! Here's the internet marketing pattern I've seen from the last few recessions and how I'm gonna capitalize HARD during the next one…

Just like we normally hear people talking about buying the dip in the stock market, we should also be buying the dip with our content.

In a recession, most people pull back on the content and their marketing efforts. They are reacting to the recession rather than responding to it.

The recession is a big opportunity for people who choose to look at it like that. In fact, most of the household names you know and talk about exploded during recession years, like Grant Cardone and Robert Kiyosaki.

They did so by doubling down on their content, which should be your strategy.

The response I'm choosing to do is to easily 10x the amount of content I'm putting out on the internet. Because I know even despite me putting this stuff out, I don't have the world's ear.

There's gonna be a land grab, baby.

Tune in to hear the 4 WAYS I am doing content to prepare for the recession.

Key Takeaways

- Stories of rich dead marketers (00:53)

- Don't create a boogeyman (03:47)

- The recession is an opportunity (05:22)

- People who exploded during a recession (13:36)

- Why you should DOUBLE down on content (11:34)

- Buy the dip (16:03)

- The 4 ways I am doing content to prepare for the recession (17:36)

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