5 Entrepreneur Confidence Tricks


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Losing confidence in your plan is NORMAL in this game. Here are some of my personal tricks to get it back.

In this episode, I want to address one common question I get in my live events and in my coaching groups.

Entrepreneurial confidence is a massive DEAL. So many people fail not because they don't have the skillset to succeed but because they lack the ability to get back at it again and try.

Sometimes, in this entrepreneurship game, stuff doesn't work, and it's totally OKAY. But what do you do if your last product didn’t work? Do you have the courage to carry on?

As you listen to this episode, you'll learn the tricks to help get your confidence back and soldier on.

These tricks are different from what you might be thinking, but I GUARANTEE you that they are powerful, and I've seen them work MULTIPLE times.

Tune in!

Key Takeaways ⏲

- Reset your expectations (05:31)

- Is failure even a THING? (10:29)

- Spot check your relationship with money (13:14)

- How much are you willing to work? (22:12)

- You'll never feel 100% prepared (29:57)

- Environment is greater than willpower (31:13)

- Self-talk: what you say to yourself matters (35:10)

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