5 Ways To Remain A Low-Level Influencer


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While preparing for this episode, I looked up “how to stay small” just for fun. One of the things that popped up was a hilarious article about staying small in terms of muscle mass.

It was written using all the hyperbole examples of what you hear to get really jacked but saying the exact opposite. The point was to make fun of things we all hear as advice to get big.

After 15 minutes of a good laugh, I thought it'd be funny to take the same angle with this episode. So I'm gonna teach you how to stay small through five easy steps.

These are just five things I've just noticed that will:

  • keep you small
  • hold you back
  • help you not reach your potential

The point of this episode is to share this with you so that, inadvertently, you can figure out how other long-term, lifelong influencers relate with each other… Because it is not by smashing or bashing each other.

Let's dive in (thick skin time)...

Key Takeaways

- Intro (00:00)

- How to stay small (00:46)

- Step #1 - Become less and less coachable (03:59)

- Step #2 - Comparison city (which is really just jealousy) (07:44)

- Step #3 - Assume intent behind facts (10:16)

- Step #4 - Abandoning what you truly believe for the sake of acceptance (14:04)

- Step #5 - Talk bad about other people (19:38)

- 5 steps to stay small - summary (24:34)

- 5 ways to grow (26:47)

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