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I'm hiring and would love to go to all of you first. You'll work on my projects, my clients, and the companies I'm buying.

I'm looking for someone with experience in funnel building, but that will not be the main thing. You'll also do a lot of project management, social media stuff, and everything else I do.

This paid position will also help you gain marketing and funnel experience, which you can use to do your own thing later.

I don't expect you to remain with me forever, and I just ask for a minimum of 12 months.

Tune in for more details about this role and how to apply if interested.

Key Takeaways

- Why I decided to become a funnel builder (00:47)

- My real degree outside of school (02:50)

- What I need you to help me with (04:43)

- How to apply for this role (07:00)

- Give me a solid 12 months; then you can leave (08:41)

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- Connect with me here

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