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If you sell something that needs a little explaining pre-purchase (like most things), Keep It Stupid Simple. Offers that truly have some complication need extra work to make sure they're not sold in a complicated way. Here's what I mean…

The person who solves a problem in a simple way and simplifies the sales message always WINS.

If you go too smart-sounding in the way you sell your product, it puts many people off. It makes people believe they need to be at that education level to work with you.

Maybe a few intellects will buy from you, but if you want to SELL, you have to simplify your sales message.

And as you simplify your message, get in some emotion to go with it. Emotion is energy in motion. It moves people to the desired action.

Tune in to learn how to do it effectively and how our brain processes a sales message.

Key Takeaways

- ClickFunnels Unlock the Secrets Event for Kids (01:27)

- The person who solves a problem in a simple way wins (06:48)

- Simplify your sales message (07:45)

- Emotion is energy in motion – get some emotion in your message (08:17)

- Don't be mysterious in the way you tell your stories (10:15)

- The BIG reason to make your message simple (11:30)

- The internet is not a crutch (14:34)

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