Kill Your Funnel Title And Use A Funnel Hook


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Beyond basic funnel structure and offer tweaks, the MOST common mistake I see in funnels is copy. Many people just "title" their funnel instead of "hook" their funnel.

This is a pattern I've noticed in funnel land and within broader business.

Keep in mind that when you name things, offers, pages, funnels, etc., you are not trying to label them. You are trying to get your customers to get interested, excited, and read more.

That's the difference between a title and a hook.

A hook has an emotional charge behind it which makes them want more, and that's where they click and consume your sales message.

In this episode, I explain the difference and my simple formula to make sure I'm not titling anything (yuck)...

Key Takeaways

- Is your messaging affecting your traffic (05:09)

- Hook vs. Title (06:34)

- Hooks make consumers interested in your message (08:41)

- How to create a hook (10:16)

- An example of writing a great hook (13:46)

- Sales copy bridges the hook and your offer (16:42)

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