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I wasn't intending to make this a full episode. This is a big subject, and I respect anyone who wants to skip it. It's been life-changing for me, so I wanted to share the backstory in part 1.

If you listen to the first episode of season two, I talk about the parallel journey.

These are the struggles entrepreneurs go through while building their businesses that people usually don't notice.

That's why I'm trying to mix up topics this season to talk about some of these things. Recently we had an episode about cancer and nutrition and all the things we've learned with Marley Jaxx and her journey.

Today I want to talk about mental health. This is a big topic among entrepreneurs, yet many people don't talk about it.

Psychedelic therapy combined with meditation has been one of the most life-altering things for me. One of those things that speed up time to success and inner peace faster than anything I've ever done.

Tune to part 1 of this conversation to hear the backstory and how everything went with this therapy.

Key Takeaways

- Psychedelic therapy (00:59)

- The entrepreneurial mind games (03:40)

- How trauma works in the brain (07:29)

- Going through therapy (09:45)

- How to create without anxiety (14:36)

- Learning how to meditate to go with psychedelic therapy (21:08)

- Self-care is not selfish (25:07)

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