Preparing our Speech at FHL with Russell Brunson


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Here are a few takeaways from the prep sessions Russell and I have been doing to get ready for our speech.

Anytime I go out to make speeches, it's always on the basis of what already exists. I'm teaching my frameworks all over again.

There's this really crazy superpower that teaching brings in understanding your own frameworks; you get to turn back around and have all these other epiphanies.

And it'll be even clearer and clearer, and you'll teach simpler and simpler, and your framework becomes easier and easier for people to apply.

And the easier it is for someone to apply it, the more the success rate is in the back, and then the more it gets sold.

Tune in for more on how I approach speech writing and also wiring a book

Key Takeaways

- Envision your path down the road (01:19)

- Epiphanies that you have while preparing a speech/book (02:38)

- The crazy superpower that teaching brings (03:01)

- Keep it all simple (04:04)

- How I create every core framework (07:25)

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