Removing Your Self-Worth From The Outcome Of Your Offer


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This lesson was a tough one for me, but by the time I started getting offers that worked, I had practiced flexing the muscle of how to get back up after an offer fails so many times that it finally got "easy."

If an offer sucks when you launch it, the biggest detriment to your success is the amount of TIME you take to "get back up."

The mistake people make when designing an offer is not leaving room that your offer may fail flat on its face. We all want our offers to work, but it's healthy to acknowledge the possibility that it might not.

If it fails, that is okay, but your identity cannot be tied to the outcome of your offer. There's a reason why the most successful entrepreneurs have a lot of failures under their belt.

One of the major reasons why I am where I am today is because I have done a good job of removing my self-worth from the outcomes of my project attempts. I want all my projects to succeed, but I don't care if they don't.

Lemme explain more in this episode.

Key Takeaways

- The business works on you as much as you work on it (01:02)

- Do you design a process, or do you discover a process (07:36)

- The fastest, cleanest distance to an epiphany (10:50)

- How to get more confidence in your swing (12:33)

- Why it's healthy to acknowledge your offer might fail (13:03)

- Design with room to discover (14:40)

- You'll discover more while executing than while designing (22:02)

- When you sacrifice freedom for security, you lose both (26:36)

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