The 3 Ways I Conquered Funnel-Nerves


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Totally fine to be nervous, but what is it telling you?

If funnel nerves tell you that you are not good enough yet, they’re probably right. Think about how you can close the gap by paying someone or getting the requisite skills.

You might have built a good product, but that’s not the same as building a good funnel.

The reason why you are nervous about building a funnel is most likely a skill set gap. The thing is, you don’t even have to be the one to fill this gap. You can hire a funnel builder, but you could also do it.

In this episode, I share more about the 3 conscious methods I used to overcome funnel paralysis.

Key Takeaways

- Why the nerves show up (07:02)

- Overcoming negative magical thinking anxiety (08:18)

- Knowledge is power and liability (14:40)

- My first dollar on the internet (17:18)

- Hiring a funnel builder (18:30)

- How I got good at building funnels (24:18)

- What if everything works? (37:03)

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