To Be Liked, Or To Be Heard?


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The classic battle of being liked or heard is a marketing clash that's as old as time. And I want to jump in today and teach you guys something interesting about it.

First, I never considered myself a branding guy until 2020, when I was invited to speak for an event about branding. And I have to agree that branding is important.

But one of the biggest mistakes I see in branding is that people want to be liked versus heard. If you haven't noticed lately, they tend to do more funny ads to push their offer and be liked.

I'm not against making funny ads, but most marketers miss the point that you can both be funny while getting your message across to your audience. In their quest to chase the likes, they fail to realize that you can be liked but not heard. And that's what FAILED marketing looks like.

In this episode, I talk about how to do marketing that gets liked and heard and what you should prioritize in your marketing.

Key Takeaways

- Branding always comes second (04:43)

- One of the biggest mistakes I see in branding (10:10)

- Being liked is failed marketing (13:52)

- You can be both liked and heard (16:04)

- Get your message out there and be heard (17:55)

- What comes first before branding? (20:59)

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