What Had To Happen While Creating The Book Outline For Dramatic Demonstrations With Russell Brunson


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This is a cool moment for me. I'm excited to be Co-Authoring a book with the man himself. This is what had to happen over the last 2 weeks so we could find the book outline for Dramatic Demonstrations.

Have you ever been working on a project, thinking it will be one thing, but once you start getting into the weeds, you start finding some epiphanies along the way, new directions keep coming up, and the path becomes clearer?

That happens to many of my projects, including this new book we are working on.

The best way to move forward is just to start doing anything related to what you are working on. Once you get in motion, the path begins to open up.

Planning too much or waiting till you have everything in place will only hold you back.

Tune in to this episode to learn about this new project we are working on and some important principles you can apply to your entrepreneur journey!

Key Takeaways

- The order of the hands raised (02:45)

- All about the Dramatic Demonstrations book (12:33)

- The internet is only a tool to deliver marketing (13:01)

- Battling imposter syndrome (14:43)

- The fallacies of planning too much (18:14)

- The path opens up while you are in motion (19:44)

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