What Is Medical Underground Railroad?


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I've been looking for a charity to attach my business to for over 2 years now. This led me to create my own. Here's what I know about it so far, but I need help.

I don't really know what it is yet and am realizing it's gonna be a journey of its own…

My motto has always been 'Get rich, Give Back.' I'm sure you've heard it here on this podcast numerous times.

I've always been fascinated by those entrepreneurs doing lots of cool charity work. Using their entrepreneurship skills and businesses to feed those charities close to their hearts.

So, I've always had this idea of having a charity that I have a personal interest in.

The vision for Medical Underground Railroad came to me one morning during a Funnel Hacking Live event, inspired by speeches the night before.

Tune in to hear what I know so far about and where I'm going with this.

Key Takeaways ⏲

- Get rich on purpose (00:53)

- Entrepreneurship feeding charities (01:57)

- Building charity funnels (02:47)

- The vision of the Medical Underground Railroad (05:30)

- Getting inspired during a Funnel Hacking Live (08:12)

- The legalities of running a medical charity (11:44)

- What we are doing currently with the charity (18:09)

- Answers come while you are in motion (20:00)

- Going through a major second self-discovery phase (23:43)

- How to help with your ideas on Medical Underground Railroad (25:05)

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