What Is NFT, and Who Cares?


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NFT isn't weird pics of leopard-printed zebras. Today I interview Jeffery Banek, the best NFT expert I've met. This guy breathes this stuff. I only care about the business application of NFTs, and in this episode, I wanna tell you why…

Did you know that crypto and NFT have an adoption rate 2X the internet adoption rate of the 90s?

NFT will be how everything is bought and sold online in the future. It's like a digital receipt that can be verified through the blockchain ledger.

But the application of NFT goes beyond art and music. It has very exciting applications in business and even real estate.

One major advantage is that it fast tracks transactions by cutting the red tape, makes the transaction verifiable, and replaces contracts. This happens all in one transaction.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about the real-life applications of NFT that you should apply in your business

Key Takeaways:

- Crypto/NFT have a 2X adoption rate (01:05)

- How NFT works (02:28)

- NFT gives actual ownership to a digital asset (04:23

- The potential of NFTs (06:01)

- How NFTs are used in real estate (09:4)

- Why fraud is not possible in NFT (12:14

- Understanding the NFT/Crypto language (13:52)

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