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Warning: This episode is THICK. I've been trying to explain WHERE to learn after you get proficient at funnels. Consider this my view on the knAwledge tree of capitalist skills.

I'd never claim it to be complete, but in terms of the order of business knowledge, I feel like I found a calculator and have been doing long division by hand. Again, this one is pretty thick.

For many entrepreneurs, learning funnel-building skills is their big goal. It's the first logical step, but once you can acquire a customer at break-even, you are good at funnels.

You need to go to the next step.

Remember, you are building a business with many other skill sets to master along the way.

Buckle up and join me in this ride as I take you through my KnAwledge Tree and the skills you need to gather along the way.

Key Takeaways

- How you buy your customers (01:31)

- Know your financials (05:40)

- The KnAwledge Tree (09:24)

- Buying your dream customer with time/money (18:05)

- Business skills sets (20:15)

- Finding my calculator (23:28)

- Start with the funnel skills and get going (24:40)

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