Using Intercultural Creativity and Innovation to Gain a Sales Edge with Genein Letford


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This is episode 516.

Tips for sales career advancement.

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GENEIN'S TIP: "Find the miracles in the mundane. Right now, look at what’s in front of you and pick up something that you’ve been exposed to for a long time. Look for one new thing you’ve never noticed before. With that, you can look at your services. Try to find one thing you’ve never noticed about your service before. First you do it with an object in front of you to make it concrete and then you can take it into the abstract. One thing in my observational chapter that I never noticed before or that I can add in dealing with the mundane things that you’re just so used to really seeing, that’s biomimicry, how we can look at nature that we walk past. Look at it with a new eye, a fresh eye and there’s your innovation."

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