Blind Spots; How Do You Avoid What You Can’t See?


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“The Sales Moment; Issue #268”

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Have you ever met someone that had a habit or behavior that was glaringly obvious to everyone…except that person?

Could you be that person? The answer is yes because we all have blind spots.

A blind spot is a habit or behavior that everyone can see…except you. Specifically, blind spots are when you lack awareness of your challenges.

Some communication and personal blind spots include being a poor listener, interrupting during conversations, using a condescending tone and being insensitive, to name a few.

During my workshops and coaching sessions, I spend a lot of time discussing self-awareness. We have to start by understanding our own strengths and challenges. We all have aspects of our personality that we need to improve while thriving in our own God given strengths.

I heard the CEO of a large company tell how a trusted colleague asked him after a team meeting “Why are you so angry?” He said, I’m not angry at all, why?” She said, “Really? I think you forgot to tell your face!” He was projecting a very serious tone that had everyone in the meeting hesitant to participate and fortunately he had someone that cared enough to make him aware of it.

“Getting rid of a delusion make us wiser that getting hold of a truth.” ~ Ludwig Born

The Johari Window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others.

  • Open Self (Arena): What you know about you and what everyone else knows about you.
  • Hidden Self (Mask): What you know about you that no one else knows.
  • Blind Spots; What everyone knows about you that you do not know.
  • Undiscovered Self (Unconscious): What is unknown to you and others.

Here are three ways you can increase self-awareness and uncover your blind spots:

1. Ask someone close to you that you trust and who wants the best for you. Don’t be in denial. Be willing to receive the information graciously and don’t pout!

2. Take a personality assessment. I am certified in DISC and believe it gives a person a clear picture of their strengths and challenges. Hire someone to help you understand the assessment to gain the most from this valuable report.

3. Hire a coach who will give you honest feedback. A good coach can help you see things from a new perspective and own your life and future confidently.

Uncovering and understanding your Blind Spots is a necessary part of your personal growth and heightens your self-awareness. It can be a painful process but will lead to more effective communication and success.

If you would like help uncovering blind spots for you or your team, please contact me by clicking I need help with my Blind Spots.

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