Ep. 35 - Santa Thrupple


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This happy holigay,

The world is in waiting,

To cut through winter's grey,

With cravings that need sating!

Hark, look in the sky!

It's Brianna and Clair!

And what's that I spy?

Cravings chosen with care!

There's a queer holiday song!

And some midday naps!

Why, that Christmas Carol is strong,

Though this Hebrew has gaps.

We hope to bring you joy,

On this Chanukah, Christmas, or other holiday.

So give breaks to those you employ,

And make the yuletide gay.

Santa's Homophobic by Left at London (ft. Dominique "SonicFox" McLean & SungWon Cho)

Modern Christmas Carols: Adaptation and Loss of Meaning by Popular C/C

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Intro and Outro Music by Clark Powell

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