'The Last Kids on Earth' Creator Max Brallier and Showrunner Scott Peterson on Season 3 & Beyond!


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Looking for some outstanding animated action the whole family can love? Check out Season 3 of the Emmy-winning series The Last Kids on Earth, which is now streaming on Netflix. The story of Max Brallier's bestselling book series comes to life with action-packed animation from Atomic Cartoons and a stellar voice cast led by Nick Wolfhard as the main character, 13-year-old Jack Sullivan; be sure to read our recent chat with Wolfhard here. stars Garland Whitt (Quint Baker), Montse Hernandez (June Del Toro), and Charles Demers (Dirk Savage) round out the core cast, complemented by guest stars Catherine O’Hara, Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Campbell, and more. It's an out-of-this-world animated series you don't want to miss!

With the launch of Season 3, which adapts Book 3 of Brallier's series dubbed "The Nightmare King", I had a chance to chat with Brallier and showrunner / executive producer Scott Peterson about all things Last Kids. The duo reflected on the year so far, their pleasantly surprising Emmy win, and the wildly imaginative story that plays out in Season 3. They also teased what might be next for the franchise, but you'll have to keep an eye out for more of our Season 3 and beyond spoilers in a future article. Stay tuned!

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