Ep 3: Mailbag Questions - Bonds, Retirement Savings and More


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Is this a good time to buy bonds? Should I hire a younger financial advisor? How much should I save for retirement? Let’s dive into the mailbag and answer these and other questions.

Read more and get additional financial resources here: https://savingtheamericandreampodcast.com/investing/ep-3-mailbag-questions-bonds-retirement-savings-and-more/102/

On today's show:

1:20 – Is this a good time to buy bonds?

7:10 – What should I discuss with my financial advisor?

10:20 – Should I buy stock in my company?

14:30 – How can I retire at 55?

20:38 – Should I save 10% of my income toward retirement?

26:55 – Should I find a financial advisor who is younger?

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