#534 Ask these questions before you start a business


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What's my why? What's my risk? What's my return? What's the end result? What does it look like? My level of commitment? How much time do I have to give? How much is my time worth? Is this a quick buck? Is this passive income for the rest of my life? Is this fun? Will this be fun? Is this a job? When do I see the money? When do I get paid? Will this get me to my dream? Will this help me with my goals? What does it look like in 5 years? Am I happy with the people I work with? Do I know the people I work with? The people I work with would they give me $500 if I asked them? What are you trying to do? Scale? What's the benefit? What’s your purpose? Do you have a subject matter you would like covered? Share it go to this link ask.savvylandlord.me or go to www.savvyradioshow.com and leave a voicemail.

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