SSNP 289 | Splashed With Disney Racism Water – w/ kuroverse


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Reports have surfaced that "Song of the South" won't be available on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. This is our shocked face. However, rumor has it the Disney will also edit their 1941 film "Dumbo" for Disney+ as well - but how? Special returning guest Tim of the Kuroverse Corporation joins the SSN Crew in discussing Disney wallpapering over its historical racism and canceling inherited Fox movie projects, how to make Fantastic Four movies the right way, Beyonce's Netflix documentary "Homecoming", the start of the final season of "Game of Thrones," and more! • 0:00:00: Catching Up/Film & TV Reviews   ◦ Mary Poppins (Film, 1964)   ◦ Thor (Film, 2011)   ◦ Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix TV, Season 1 - Part 2)   ◦ Beyonce - Homecomingr (Netflix Film, 2019)   ◦ The Cosby Show (TV, Amazon Prime)   ◦ Game of Thrones (TV, HBO)   ◦ Avengers: Infinity War (Film, 2018) • 0:42:18: Entertainment News   ◦ 'Empire' Airs First Black Gay Wedding On Network TV   ◦ Netflix Wins As Academy Leaves Oscar Eligibility Rule Unchanged   ◦ 'Song of the South,' 'Dumbo's' Jim Crow Scene Will Not Be on Disney+   ◦ At Kanye West's Sunday Service, 'He Is The Church'   ◦ Multiple Fox Films Getting Axed at Disney   ◦ ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Helmers Joe & Anthony Russo’s AGBO To Godfather Remakes Of MGM Library Title IP   ◦ Anthony & Joe Russo’s ‘Cherry’ Will Begin Filming July 15th in Cleveland, Ohio WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Brandon online at: Twitter: Instagram: Find LaTria online at: Twitter: Instagram: Find Ali online at the Say Something Nice Facebook Group: WHERE TO FIND OUR GUEST: Find Tim and Kuroverse Corporation online at: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: WHERE TO FIND US: Come join our Facebook group: You can subscribe to the Say Something Nice Podcast at the following services: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: #Stitcher: Check out the SSNP Network feed at: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: #Stitcher: #aCast: You can also find our show at Please rate us five stars if you love us on iTunes and Stitcher and we will read your reviews on the show! You can also email us at Want to help support the show? Visit to leave us a PayPal donation! Check us out on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Check us out on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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