Overcoming other people doubting you


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Season 2, Episode 3: Overcoming other people doubting you
On this Episode, Denise Schroder and Lady Alex dive into how other people reinforcing the doubt you have on yourself is the number one killer of chasing your dreams. Living a life full of negativity Denise was able to recognize her worth and choose to stop accepting anything less. Not always an easy life, Denise has finally found the perfect compliment to her wild, creative and ultra passionate attitude and they are now a successful blended powerhouse family, succeeding in so many wonderful ways! You can see this woman on Oprah, Steve Harvey, and multiple times on HGTV's House Hunters, or be a part of her incredible online community and see for your very self all the uniquely creative ways she markets her team and her life! you can find her on Facebook here! Be sure to check her out and support an amazingly talented woman who challenges those around her to be so truly and uniquely yourself!

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