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SBP Podcast Mobile Film Episode 4

Making A Thriller Film with A Smartphone with Ren Thackham in Sydney, Australia

Ren won the Best Film Award at the SF3 Smartphone Flick Fest in Sydney, Australia. Her film was a thriller short film under 5 minutes.

We discuss how she learned about the film festival’s deadline and had 49 hours to make a film using her smartphone. She had an idea and created a storyboard to guide her production. Ren is adamant about the professional aspect of filmmaking to make films using a smartphone.

She pretty much was her own crew, so she had to direct as well as edit the film. We discuss clever ways to capture footage for later use and creating a library of audio and video footage.

Ren discusses why the mobile phone camera was ideal for a few scenes of the thriller. We discuss creative shots where smartphones can be very helpful, such as putting a phone in plastic clear bag in a fish tank.

When it came to the lighting in her film she discusses how over exposed shots sometimes worked well for her thriller. Then we discussed how she used a hand-held microphone for audio.

We discuss a number of filmmaking tricks and tips but she also shares some interesting information about crocodiles. Ren manages to use crocodiles in all her films, one way or another. We asked her to share the reason why she makes sure to include them.

We also discussed the actors in her film and the performance of her protagonist.

We asked Ren to share her experience with SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest. At that point we also discussed the growing community in the mobile filmmaking industry.

When we asked Ren to give someone who is thinking about making a mobile film using a smartphone, she discusses the importance of planning and preparation and treating the experience like a professional and doing your best.

We thank Ren Thackham for sharing her experience making a short thriller with e smartphone. We hope our podcast shows inspire you and that you learn how to make your own films using smartphones and share great stories with the world.

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