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Welcome to another Getting Real episode where we deep dive into entrepreneurs’ journeys and discover all the good, the bad, and lucky breaks they’ve received throughout their uncommon career! Today’s guest is Leigh-Anne Acquisto, the founder of Liquorish Ink, a brand behavior business that creates innovative ideas and brand stories.

Leigh-Anne started her career in corporate as a brand strategist and after seven years, she decided it was time to start her own business that specializes specifically in strategy. Strategy is one of the fundamental aspects of growing a brand, and Leigh-Anne is passionate about thinking big-picture and long-term to see that vision come to life.

Leigh-Anne believes her luckiest break so far in the industry has been getting word-of-mouth clients to fill her pipeline. It’s been a challenge for Leigh-Anne because she doesn’t have business partners, so everything that she does to move the needle can really break or make the business.

In fact, some of the challenges Leigh-Anne faced this year did not necessarily happen in the business, but externally. Her clients were faced with big uncertainties as COVID-19 and the pandemic hit, and Leigh-Anne had to carefully navigate those waters and not overextend herself and the company.

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