Tuesday’s Tips — Struggling to Find Happiness?


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Are you suffering through some circumstances right now that you can’t seem to get out of? Are you feeling really frustrated? It sucks to be going through this in the moment, but the good news is, there is a solution. You can find a way out of this.

When Bill turned 40, he found himself in a unique place. He had everything he wanted, he had accomplished a lot in his life at that time, yet, why was he so unhappy? Why was he suffering? He felt trapped by his circumstances.

The first thing Bill did was to take stock and recognize he wasn’t happy. Then, he re-examined his life. He started at the root. He looked at his relationship with his family, with his parents, with his siblings, and what his life had brought him at key points in his life. He uncovered something interesting.

Bill knew he was a natural leader, he was smart, he knew he had qualities that not many could beat. However, he could always find someone else who was slightly better than him. This comparison completely stole his joy. It felt like everything he achieved up until that point, was failing. When the reality was, it wasn’t.


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