091 The One Thats All About Filming Amines Closed Loops and Cooling Towers


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091 The One That's All About Filming Amines (Closed Loops and Cooling Towers)

Episode 91: Show Notes

Wow! Three weeks of filming amines. What else is left to talk about? Closed Loops and Cooling Towers of course...

Marodi Cribari and I are back to finish up this series on filming amine technologies. Adding from our previous two conversations, we talk about using filming amines in the application of cooling tower and closed loop systems.

This episode lets you in on valuable tips and information you need to know if you plan on using filming amines in a system that is not a steam boiler.

More about Marodi Cribari:

Marodi Cribari is a biochemist from Denver, Colorado. She graduated in 2008 from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in biology and chemistry. Early in her career she was a bench chemist developing fluid systems and colloidal particle dispersions. Now she works in water treatment focusing on technical education an product application.

Fun Fact about Marodi: She is a professional ballroom dancer!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Closed Loops Systems [0:01:39]
  • Nitrate Programs [0:04:51]
  • Metallurgy of systems [0:07:18]
  • Metering [0:07:36]
  • Dosages [0:13:08]
  • Aluminum [0:16:07]
  • Glycol [0:25:27]
  • PTSA and Filming amine [0:28:25]
  • PTSA Residual [0:34:53]
  • Cooling towers [0:36:45]
  • Oxidizers and Non-Oxidizers [0:40:55]
  • Material compatibility [0:49:52]
  • Cleaning Probes [0:52:43]
  • Filming Technology [0:54:17]
  • And a lot more!


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