#122 – Skills Test


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A new group of adventurers set forth on a journey in the D&D campaign “Fallen Empires”

Characters of this campaign include: Powell the Goliath Paladin (Eric), Squeeb the Deep Gnome Wizard (Stephen), Token the Mousefolk Rogue (Matt), Tamsyn the Wood Elf Ranger (Andy), and Luke is once again our fearless DM.

#122 – Skills Test

Highlights include:
1. The group finds out it’s the 3 guild leaders testing them to ensure they’ve been continuing to train over the past year and…they passed!
2. Our group also learns that each guild leader has their own team for a sort of competition, the winning team gets to establish their own guild outside the town.
3. While celebrating their introduction to the guild at the local inn performers turn out to be mere cover bands of the legend rocker Crow! It’s a fun reference to a previous character of Eric’s from Luke’s first campaign Out of the Abyss.
4. Our group later meets one of the other groups of the guild (their competition). They appear to be seasoned adventurers but very rude.
5. Tamsyn & Token enact a plan to get Powell sober. Good news for Powell, it’s not a permanent solution.

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