#55 – Zone of Truth, Come on in


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A group of six boardgamers dive into the D&D campaign “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”

Characters include Petrilus (Barbarian), Sparker (Warlock), Burk (Cleric), Flora (Sorcerer), and Jaquen (Fighter).

#55 – Zone of Truth, Come on in

Highlights include:
1. Petrilus & Burk hatch a plan against the cult. Surprise, it involves fire.
2. Detective Burk is back bèbè and he’s narrowed down who in the cult possesses the poison in question!
3. Flora bursts in and takes over the investigation and ends up buying ale for everyone. Pinkie get’s drunk and has a case of the hiccups.
4. Sparker & Dresamere have a follow-up discussion where they each try to learn a bit more about each other. Sparker is finally granted the audience he has requested.
5. Burk confronts his prime suspect and causes a big scene while Flora becomes his hype-cat. Is Burk a big bully?

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