#60 – I Could Be The Cat God!


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A group of six boardgamers dive into the D&D campaign “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”

Characters include Petrilus (Barbarian), Sparker (Warlock), Burk (Cleric), Flora (Sorcerer), and Jaquen (Fighter).

#60 – I Could Be The Cat God!

Highlights include:
1. Is Zargon still alive? *Shrugs*
2. Burk tries to kick Snoozy out of the group after his actions with the twins while Snoozy confides in Leeda
3. We’re actually getting close to Waterdeep!
4. Wait, does Snoozy have a crush on Burk or is it just travel dementia?
5. Hang on one second, is Flora the Cat God?! She’s not sure so she tries it out…it’s cray.

In case you hadn’t noticed faithful listener, we don’t really make cuts to the podcast anymore so enjoy all our mentions of bookmarking the recording and things to cut out! 🙂

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