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Greetings nerds! We are back to give our 2019 real time Emmys reactions and talk DCU Titans. First we have some news, but more importantly our SNN host Sarah Belmont has her first Emmy rants. Then our SNN Producer takes us down a streaming service rant and ends up at Titans Tower. We rant...we rave...we review...this is Scene N’ Nerd.

0:00 Welcome and Sarah celebrates the Friends 25th Anniversary.

2:20 Speaking of 1990's shows Saved by the Bell and the Peacock streaming service

4:05 Battlestar Galactica on the Peacock streaming service and other original content that will be on the new service.

9:00 Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Erica Durance (Lois Lane) from Smallville in Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover.

14:45 Emmy Awards 2019 real-time reactions.

27:50 DCU Titans 2 x 03 "Ghosts"

45:20 Back to Emmy Awards Will calls Game of Thrones win and reactions to other wins.

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