Episode 90 // Case of Calisthenics - Is it the best form of training ever?


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Is calisthenics actually the greatest form of training? Do we have any proof? This week on the podcast we challenge whether calisthenics is in-fact the greatest form of training and Tim presents his "case for calisthenics" so you can join Jacko in the cross examination and make up your own mind! We hope you enjoyed this different style to the podcast this week. We'd love to know what you thought of it and whether you agree or disagree with the case for calisthenics Tim brought forward! Let us know what you thought of the podcast, you can either drop us a message or share the podcast with your views and comments on social media. Want to learn online with us and follow programmes with weekly workouts to help you redefine your impossible? Join us in the Virtual Classroom - classroom.schoolofcalisthenics.com

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