Black History is Black Horror


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Salutations, scary movie super fans! We’re back again tryin to make u mud butt in yr undies lol NE WAYZ this week we debut an Act I segment called “Have Y’all Seen…” with Drea, bc she has an encyclopedic knowledge of scary movies like lit-chra-ly she’s seen everything. And this week she’s wondering if you’ve seen the goofy 80’s horror flick Society. Act II we’re discussing the expansive, interrogative, exciting documentary Horror Noir: A History of Blackness in Scary Movies. Whew, let’s just say Revelations is not just a book in the Bible. And finally, our Act III scream queen is Vanessa Paradis in Knife & Heart bc gd. That gay porn horror film had us shook and hooked. Produced by Domino Sound @dominosound Theme music by Doc Allison @docisgood Hoe-sted by Drea Washington and Tommy Pico @heygrlhey @heyteebs @screamqueenpodcast

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