S4E22 - Children of Mu-Town, Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers


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In this (delayed) episode of ScreenTone Club, Elliot and Andy travel to a distraught housing project to discover that the various ne'er-do-wells there are really shy with strangers!

Series Discussed: Children of Mu-Town, Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers Vol. 1

Assignments for next Episode: The Dangers in My Heart Vol. 1, DC3

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0:02:00 - Returning Champions: Dead Dead Demons DeDeDeDe Destruction Vol. 10
0:09:45 - BL Metamorphosis Vol. 5
0:16:00 - Konosuba Light Novels Vols. 7 + 8
0:18:15 - FGO Swordsmasters Vols. 2 + 3
0:21:15 - Elliot’s Pick: Children of Mu-Town
0:21:30 - Daisuki? No, Azuki!
0:27:00 - Atmosphere
0:30:00 - Final Chapter Shift
0:34:00 - “Cycle of Pressure”
0:37:45 - Azuki First usage
0:40:15 - Andy’s Pick: Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers
0:43:15 - “Injecting Boobs”
0:44:30 - “The Author’s Jam”
0:50:45 - “Paddling Pool manga”
0:55:00 - “As Someone Who Likes Tall Girls...”
0:58:45 - Andy’s Birthday Wish
1:01:00 - Our Picks for Next Episode!
1:02:00 - Closedown

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