S5E01 - Teasing Master Takagi-San, When Will Ayumu Make His Move?


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In this episode of ScreenTone Club, Elliot and Andy start off the year with a teasing double-bill from Soichiro Yamamoto!

Series Discussed: When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Vol. 1, Teasing Master Takagi-san Vol. 1

Assignments for next Episode: Wonder Cat Kyuu-Chan Vol. 1, My Wife Has No Emotion Vol. 1

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0:03:00 - Programming Note RE: Returning Champions
0:04:00 - Andy’s Pick: Teasing Master Takagi-San
0:08:00 - “Dialing it in”
0:10:45 - Wacky Races Reference?
0:14:00 - “Setting up the Ownage”
0:20:45 - Anime Bouncing Around
0:21:45 - Elliot’s Pick: When Will Ayumu Make His Move?
0:22:30 - Shogi Explainer!
0:26:30 - “Pound Shop Kaguya-Sama”
0:29:00 - “Stickiness”
0:31:00 - “Stream of Teasing”
0:33:00 - “Let Them Be Idiots”
0:38:45 - Saki Tournament Arc?
0:39:45 - Our Picks for Next Episode!
0:40:30 - Closedown!
0:41:30 - Web3????

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