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SCRIPTED | DELUSION | BEHAVIORAL OBSERVATIONThe Berlin based DJ and producer is founder of DELUSION and runs his own monthly podcast series called BEHAVIORAL OBSERVATION on which he invites artists all over the scene to bring their own perceptions consequently without any vocals or noises that induce associations in order to take the listener to an unknown atmosphere.His sounds are precisely geared to his idea of giving listeners the chance to escape into their own mindtrip.Functional and deep spherical tensions and hypnotic synths sophisticated with broken beats build up a continuous arc of suspense to the crowd.Always meticulously striving to merge the perfect sound patterns and structures, he dived into the world of production to round up his musical output.Booking:delusion.techno@gmail.comupcoming:12.05.2018 - BINÄR, Kulturfabrik, Hildesheimhistory:12.05.2018 - Kulturfabrik, Hildesheim13.04.2018 - Zwei, Mannheim16.02.2018 - KH27, Bremen09.02.2018 - Grießmühle, Berlin03.02.2018 - MS-Treue, Bremen28.01.2018 - Arena Club, Berlin31.12.2017 - Halle12 (Güterbahnhof), Bremen16.12.2017 - Güterbahnhof, Bremen03.11.2017 - MS-Treue, Bremen23.09.2017 - Rathausbunker, Kiel02.09.2017 - Delusion Warehouse, Bremen29.07.2017 - Lankenauer Höft, Bremen01.07.2017 - Delusion Warehouse, Bremen09.06.2017 - ZZDW Festival 2017, Jüterbog20.05.2017 - Delusion Warehouse05.05.2017 - Amadeus, Oldenburg18.03.2017 - MS-Treue, Bremen10.02.2017 - Alhambra, Oldenburg27.01.2017 - Römer, Bremen03.12.2016 - MS-Treue, Bremen15.10.2016 - Skatehall, Osnabrück08.10.2016 - MS-Treue. Bremen24.09.2016 - Delusion Warehouse, Bremen26.08.2016 - Römer, Bremen05.08.2016 - MS-Treue, Bremen10.06.2016 - ZZDW Festival, Flughafen Pütnitz29.04.2016 - Roots, Leer25.03.2016 - MS Treue, Bremen24.03.2016 - Lightplanke, Bremen27.02.2016 - Lightplanke, Bremen20.02.2016 - MS Treue, Bremen09.01.2016 - Aladin, Bremen07.11.2015 - Pier 2, Bremen17.10.2015 - Secret Spot, Minneapolis, USA25.09.2015 - Magazinkeller, Bremen14.08.2015 - MS Treue, Bremen12.06.2015 - Open Air, Sulingen 06.06.2015 - MS-Treue, Bremen15.05.2015 - BDP-Haus, Bremen13.05.2015 - Lightplanke, Bremen10.04.2015 - MS Treue, Bremen06.03.2015 - MS Treue, Bremen28.02.2015 - Tower, Bremen13.02.2015 - Magazinkeller, Bremen06.02.2015 - Bunker, Bremen23.01.2015 - Magazinkeller, Bremen17.01.2015 - MS Treue, Bremen09.01.2015 - Magazinkeller, Bremen03.01.2015 - Lightplanke, Bremen13.12.2014 - MS Treue, Bremen29.11.2014 - Magazinkeller, Bremen22.11.2014 - Alhambra, Oldenburg07.11.2014 - MS Treue, Bremen17.10.2014 - MS Treue, Bremen12.09.2014 - Lightplanke, Bremen29.08.2014 - MS Treue, Bremen13.06.2014 - Lightplanke, Bremen

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