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When talking about success, we learn that Valeria focuses on evaluating the level of collaboration between team members. Listen in to learn about what collaboration “signs” Valeria looks for, and to learn more about what kind and why conflict might be a good thing in a Scrum team.

Featured Retrospective format for the Week: Playing Jenga, the wooden blocks game

In this segment, we discover how Valeria used a concrete game to help the team practice retrospectives in a short period of time. Through the game, Valeria was able to help the team practice “observation”, and speed up the learning cycle greatly.

You can learn more about the Jenga game from wikipedia and from this YouTube video.

About Valeria Greco

Valeria has worked as a Scrum Master for 4 years. She has experience with both Software development and non-software development Agile teams. When asked what she does for a living, Valeria replies: "I build teams!" And she does it by focusing on building relationships first. As Valeria says: “all my teams will tell you that I like talking about the feelings :-)"

You can link with Valeria Greco on LinkedIn and connect with Valeria Greco on Twitter.

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