420 - Better Left Lost?


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I was not sure I was going to release this one. I have never been a fan of solo episodes. Maybe it is not liking the sound of my own voice recorded.

Here it is with most everything left in. We have quite a backlog of episodes that needs to get edited. We hope to get caugt back up very soon.

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Liveaboard Safety

After the Conception tragedy, we are led to think about the safety of liveaboards on which we all have traveled worldwide. Have you ever been concerned about a boat’s layout? About the crews’ competence in time of a problem; about your sleeping quarters; the battery chargers; the night watch? We’d like to hear your views and concerns and whether you have taken any special precautions.

Smoking Aboard?

Firefighters tell us most house fires start in the kitchen or are attributed to careless use of cigarettes. Recent events have made us more aware of this potential hazard. Smoking is commonly banned in places of work and public areas for health reasons, but fire affects everyone, especially on a boat. It would be relatively easy to ban smoking on American liveaboards, but less so in foreign countries where smoking is de rigueur. Do you think smoking should be banned aboard?

Atomic Regulator Hose Recall

Huish Outdoors is recalling some Atomic regulator hoses with a low-pressure hose swivel next to the second stage. Affected hoses have a hose crimp that bears a date stamp D0717. If you have any doubts, call repair guru Robert Stark at 310/947-8523, or you can e-mail him a picture of the crimp; or take your regulator to an Atomic dealer. Atomic Aquatics has sent repair kits to some affected customers, but the free repair should still be done by a trained technician. Contact service at (888) 270-8595 ext. 4, or at AALPHose@huishoutdoors.com for instructions. The defective hoses should be returned to Huish Outdoor.

Oldies Battle it Out

Bill Lambert celebrated his 99th birthday in September with short dive in the chilly waters of Pearl Lake with friends, divers and media on-hand for the special occasion. The Rockford, IL resident wants to become the world’s oldest scuba diver. Meanwhile, 96-year-old British WWII veteran, Ray Woolly, claims to have broken his own world record as the oldest scuba diver, by going diving at the popular Zenobia wreck off Cyprus’ southern coast. He went to 138-feet with a total dive time of 48 minutes. His goal: to keep diving until he reaches 100.

Check That Your Tank Valve is Fully Open

Critical reminder: Before diving, take a couple of breaths from your regulator while checking the pressure-gauge needle stays steady. Sucking strongly on most regulators first with the tank valve shut assures you there are no leaks. (This doesn’t work if you have an Atomic regulator both as primary and alternate air source because of its unique design.)

Chinese tourist sorry for scuba tank ‘pranks’ on diving trip in Philippines (Thanks Darek)


Salvaging, cleanup of Golden Ray shipwreck will require detailed planning


Canadian boy diving with GoPro helps police solve 1992 cold case (Thanks Darek!)


Divers take on ‘black water’ in mission to solve strangers’ 44-year-old cold case


Volunteer scuba divers embark on underwater cleanup expedition of the St. Lawrence


Surprise rescue of Jamaica coral reefs shows nature can heal


Anchor from St. Paul’s shipwreck identified, researchers claim


Captain Cook’s ‘Endeavour’ Shipwreck Possibly Discovered Off Rhode Island


Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. Obtains State-of-the-Art Magnetometer (Geometrics Model G882AR/4) to Aid in Treasure Hunting Efforts




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