2019 Greatest Hits - Ageless Strength Revisited with Ginny McColl


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During the month of January, we are revisiting some of our top downloaded episodes of 2019. This episode was downloaded more than any other last year, and that’s not surprising, because the guest is Ginny MacColl.

Ginny MacColl is the daughter of American Ninja Warrior and stuntwoman Jessie Graff. Jessie has become famous for her thrilling runs through the American Ninja Warrior course, often dressed as various superheroes – which has inspired girls and women of all ages to be their own hero. But what you may not know is that Jessie’s mom Ginny has been inspired by her daughter, as well – so much so that she has become a ninja athlete in her own right. So we're going back to Episode #51 again to share her story for anyone who missed it, a woman who is living proof that strength is ageless!

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