2019 Greatest Hits - Midlife Reinvention, World Records and Cycling for Peace with Lynn Salvo


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During the month of January, we are revisiting some of our most popular episodes of 2019. This episode was one of our most downloaded of the year and features Guinness World Record Holder and Cyclist Lynn Salvo.

You may have seen her story in an article that came out last year in the Wall Street Journal highlighting stories of women over 50 sharing stories of midlife reinvention. In this interview, Lynn talks about the big life changes she started making in her fifties that would lead the way to an extraordinary endeavor to ride the shape of a peace sign across North America. Learn how this came about and the why behind it as we revisit Lynn’s story once again.

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Lynn’s Blog

Lynn’s rides support the following causes:

American Friends Service Committee

Canadian Friends Service Committee

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