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In this episode, Tim Hansen, Second Act Career Coach, talks about who this show is for, how it came about, and how it can help others looking to develop new work/income opportunities in their Second Half.

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Hello and welcome to the Second Act Career Coaching Podcast a show dedicated to those in the second half of their lives still seeking new work and income opportunities where we talk about how to flip the script.

In essence, turning the phrases and situations.

'You're overqualified.'.

'I applied for work online but never hear back. And more.

From a perceived negative to some of their biggest positives. As to why a company or project should hire them.

Welcome, Second Career Seekers and thanks for tuning in to our first episode of the Second Act Career Coaching Podcast.

Here you'll find inspiring guest interview tips and advice showing you how to flip the script and repurpose your existing career. In seeking out new work and income opportunities.

We'll be bringing you new episodes once a week interviewing another second act career seekers, talking about how they were able to successfully flip the script themselves as well as those who are going through that process currently.

My name is Tim Hansen a recruiting consultant with over 15 years of experience in hiring for startups as well as large companies.

I created this podcast to help people in the second half of their lives who were struggling to find new work opportunities by showing them a different way that could complement their age, experience, and passion.

You see before I had my recruiting practice I had navigated multiple career switches not all by choice. Welcome to the world of layoffs, reductions in force risk, or whatever else you want to call them. These events can often come at the worst time in your life and in my case, it was those in a six-figure role in technology when the dot.com boom went upon.

While at the same time going through a very expensive divorce where I lost all my money fighting to keep custody of my two young daughters, which I won, and don't regret for one moment.

That period of my life was marked with various survival jobs to keep the bills paid. Along with countless interviews where I found myself now competing with younger, less expensive talent, in a down economy.

And now that I was older I started to hear the phrases 'you're overqualified',' too expensive', and more.

Combine this with the new demands on my personal life since I chose not to put my girls in daycare that became one of the catalyst moments where I found myself in a trial by fire situation, learning how to flip the script where I was now able to reinvent and repurpose work I already knew how to do into a new way of working.

As someone whose navigated multiple career shifts along with an extensive hiring background, my desire with this show is to bring hope inspiration and guidance to those who are in a similar situation and looking for new work and income opportunities and to help them make their second half their best half. Thanks for tuning into the show and we look forward to talking to you.

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