Ep 1624: Ireland V Denmark, McClean Escalates, Refuge in Nostalgia, All Island Future - 18/11/19


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With the Danes in town and maybe ready to teach us another cruel lesson, we take refuge in nostalgia and revisit the week 10 years ago when Ireland went full Alex Jones. We also look to the longer-term future, with Kieran Lucid and Brendan Dillon joining us in studio to bring us up to speed with what's been happening on the question of the all-island league. But we can't hide forever from the present. Tonight it's Ireland v Denmark for a place in the Euros, and hopefully James McClean can prove as uncompromising a presence on the pitch as he was last week in the pressroom. Eoin does his best to talk us into positivity, and there’s Mick bites your hand off, goal communism and cheats a-plenty.

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