Sunday Blu Live! Episode 6 - A Bag of Ray Mang and the Ginger Beatnik is Back!


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Well, well, Welcome! Another edition of Sunday Blu Live is available for your listening pleasure, and this one is special - two-and-a-half hours of pure mellow with some chat thrown in to boot.
This special edition of Sunday Blu sees the first hour being taken over by the sublime vibes of Ray Mang, remixer extraordinare, responsible for creation of the Wonky Party Sound and a host of amazing remixes of top artists and bands. In Andy Medlock's show he takes you through a snippet of some of his favourite Ray Mang specials, including tracks from Los Amigos Invisibles, Brian Ferry, 2020 Soundsystem and many more - including original tracks from the Mang himself.
And then it's on to a special session with Heath Tyldesley aka Ginger Beatnik, with a penchant for chat and wonderful tunes. Expect a wide entree of music from multiple genres summoned from the Beatnik vaults, including a super focus on Paper Records. As ever, the GB provides his unique chat-based take on proceedings, including his business-case pitch for new website, and the real meaning behind the Salsoul classic You're Just the Right Size..
As ever, sit back, relax - and let Sunday Blu take you through.
First recorded 13 September 2020

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