Who was Petroleum V. Nasby?


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He's been called the Stephen Colbert of the Civil War. He's also been compared to an awkward ox (by a friend) and "abominably nasty" by others. He was admired by President Lincoln and friends with Mark Twain.

When a friend claimed that he had never met a man drunker than Locke, the inebriated comedian replied, “Get somebody to introduce you to me in an hour.” David R. Locke was quite a character in and out of his "Petroleum V. Nasby" character. Join us as we discuss. Sept. 29, 1868: Our citizens will bear in mind that Petroleum V. Nasby, the greatest living humorist, will lecture at Washington Hall, next Friday night. His subject Cursed be Canaan is suggestive of his best qualities.

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More photos at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Ross_Locke

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