One last one-room schoolhouse


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Kelly and Christina talk about the last one room school house in the north country, referenced in this Looking Backward entry from the Watertown Daily Times, that closed its doors in 1989.

This island schoolhouse rang its last bell in 1989, but during its time, this small school educated an isolated group of children who called Grindstone Island their home. June 13, 1969:

"Not only does Grindstone Island have a one-room school house, one of the few remaining in the country, but the teacher, Miss Grace LaMora, summons her 12 students to class by means of a bell. Grindstone Island School is part of the Thousand Islands Central School system and during the winter months children attend the Clayton school and board with relatives there."

Episode is edited by Christina Knott. Music is "Boom" by Podington Bear. Resources: "Life on the Grind" by Marcus Wolf

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