104 - Moving your customers to the right on the Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph


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How did you go with the Restaurant Trends podcasts, looking at the trends that we see as being important in 2019?

We look at the Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph in this podcast and how you can drive customers to the right, increasing the value of your average customer in the process.

We are now presenting a new view so that customers can see how customer loyalty is evolving over time to have a time based view of customer loyalty. This is built into FROLO and FORBS, providing a great way for you to see how your customers are becoming repeat customers.

Repeat restaurant customers are really important because it increases the average Long Term Customer Value for your Restaurant.

Our demo of the Restaurant Customer Loyalty Graph shows how customers become worth more to your Restaurant as they order or book more often.

We discuss how your Long Term Customer value graph can show you the success or lack thereof of turning new customers into repeat customers and why for some Restaurants this isn't a problem, but for others it is.

Your customer loyalty graph can increase the value of your Restaurant when you look to sell it.

Identifying loyal customers is really important creating great experiences for your high value customers.

Loyalty coupons, such as in FROLO, can dramatically increase customer loyalty. The loyalty coupons drive customers to order again, especially as the customer gets closer to their free meal.

Email marketing is a great tool for increasing LTCV for your Restaurant customers.

Facebook retargetting is a really powerful way to re engage with customers.

Are you using the Facebook pixel? This is a very powerful retargeting tool that works well across website visitors and visitors to a certain page.

What is your process around special events? This are a great way to give existing customers a reason to come back and can be married up with a call to action towards new customers in the niche that you are targetting with your special event.

Driving customer behaviour with repeat visits can form habits and customers with a weekly habit are among the most valuable customers for a Restaurant.

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