105 - Top 10 Tips for Restaurant Website SEO


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We talk about why it is super important for all Restaurant owners to take a holiday and some of the tips that we used to take our big Christmas holidays.

We talk about the differences between business and technical SEO. We discuss the technical SEO tips that you need to be thinking about for Search Engine Optimisation for your Restaurant Website.

The first tip is to review any contracts you have for SEO. A lot of people spend a lot of money on SEO without any real results from their efforts.

We discuss the data that we are seeing for Restaurant websites and we discuss the Return on Investment for individual pages. We like to focus on the individual ROI for each page on your website. The ROI can be very high for niches that you are ranking for. The SEO is all about getting those customers in for the first time. There are other techniques to get them to come back.

We discuss a multi niche strategy which can really help you increase the number of visitors to your website. We discuss the average number of visitors to your website. Some people don't know how many visitors they get and some are shocked at the actual average number of Restaurant visitors.

We look at Corporate Events as a part of your SEO and why it is important to look at what you are trying to focus on with SEO. Don't fall for what we call the 'electrified banana' effect. This is where an SEO company will shape you towards keywords that are easy for them to rank for, not what is going to make money for you.

We discuss some of the tricks that are used in the SEO industry so that you can have a better discussion with them about what YOU want. (Obviously, we do Restaurant SEO, so maybe you should take to us. :) )

One of the SEO traps you need to watch out for is if you are being brandjacked. Restaurant Brandjacking can decrease the effectiveness of your SEO and increase the cost to acquire a customer AND decrease the numbers in your Restaurant CRM.

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