What is Repentance?


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What is repentance? What does it mean for our lives and our eternal souls/destiny? The speaker, Elder Allan Nemer, was convicted by the Lord a few years ago about having wrong and unscriptural beliefs and worldviews. He has spent the last few years making major changes to his beliefs and views to make sure they conform to scripture. This sermon is therefore deeply personal to him having lived through a long period of repentance and prays that it is also instructional for others in the body of Messiah. This message was given during our Saturday Shabbat Service on August 17, 2019.

Two short YouTube video clips are mentioned in the beginning of this sermon. The teacher is theologian Sinclair Ferguson.

They are:

1 - A Strong Foundation by Sinclair Ferguson (2:16)

2 - What is the best way to describe repentance to an unbeliever by Sinclair Ferguson (1:23) turn up the sound on this one

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