Christmas in Paris … a Petit Bonbon for You


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Sometimes here at the Self-Care Soother, we just need to kick back and enjoy ourselves. Which is, of course, a critical part of self-care as well. One of my favorite places in the world is Paris, a city I have taken to spending a month or two in every few years.

Nothing makes me happier than combing the city’s back streets, taking in a lovely la formule lunch at a simple place in the 19th, and then taking a stroll through Montmartre. (Well, okay, some things actually do make me happier – but this is among the top.) And the holidays in Paris are … well … oooh la la!

So I wanted to share this abundance with you! Before my chat with Richard, I read from my essay, On Being Alone in Paris and Finding My Way. It captures just how it was for me on a recent trip to Paris alone. I love the place … and so I go.

So listen, relax and enjoy all the glittery glory of this particular episode.

And have a grand, delicious holiday!


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Richard Nahem is a Paris resident, award-winning photographer and blogger, tour guide and creator of the popular Eye Prefer Paris blog. He knows everyone and everything that is important in and about Paris … and he’s a whole lot of fun, as well.

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