Self Care Rituals for a Thriving New Year


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Join me for an episode that’s all focused on how to make the most of the New Year’s mojo. I start with an essay about the specific lessons I learned when my slate was wiped clean several years back. (And boy … there were a lot of them!) These are all lessons I still live by.

Then I get into the meat of the matter and share several specific New Year’s rituals around self-care … everything from deep cleaning to spiritual refreshment. May you find it useful.

I mentioned all kinds of links in the episode so here they are! Enjoy.

Save 50% on the Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women online course (until January 3) [link to sales page]

Download Your Free Self-Care Rituals for a Thriving New Year Worksheet [Link to ]

Useful Apps for Tracking Self-Care

WW (Weight Watchers)




Map My Fitness

Insight Timer

Here’s to your own excellent New Year!

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